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Asheville Craft Tattoo logo, Rabbit smoking a cigarette with a red circle around his head, and the words have a rainbow around every letter.
Please Read These Announcements

No piercing. No jewelry. No piercing.

Masks are required in the studio.

During Your Tattoo
-Only one guest is allowed to accompany you to your tattoo.
-The door will be locked during the tattoo process.

Belladonna, plants, olive tree tattoos
Pine tree, forest, black and grey tattoos
Demon slayer, Rengoku! Daki, Gyutaro, Gyomei, Spirited Away, Stink Spirit, River god, anime tattoos
Koi fish, neon Flamingo, and neo-traditional snail in a skull, color tattoos.
Beetle and slug moth blackwork tattoo.
Nature tattoo with deer, and mushrooms. Black and gray venus flytrap tattoo.
Watercolor poppies, and heart tattoo.
Crow skull, jelly fish, and bat black and grey tattoos
Bunny with cigarette, cloud, and silly snail, ignorant style tattoos.

Tattoo Philosophy

Art is process. Tattooing is art, so all tattooing is centered in process. The creation of the tattoo design, applying the tattoo, and the aging of the tattoo inform all of our actions. It makes us a responsible agent in your life’s choices. When you come to us, we are always excited to begin a new journey with you. Let’s work together to make your new tattoo last a lifetime.

Asheville Craft Tattoo is a studio where you receive the attention you deserve. Our patient staff designs original tattoos for our clients, or you can request we reimagine a popular design. Please show us tattoos, pictures of art, and photography. We love to create tattoos from artwork by painters, illustrators, and classic tattoos from flash that is widely used throughout the industry. Please show us other tattoos you like as inspiration, but know we do not copy tattoos. Seeing tattoos you like is very important to establish the style you want. Email ACT to start a conversation about your tattoo.

Sakura, cheery blossom, lavendar, friendship tattoos
Freehanded vine tattoo handdrawn and done blackwork style.
Bunny, snail person, devil, keith haring style, pop art, simple tattoo
Octopus tattoo on hip. Blackwork Seashore tattoo with waves, tentacles, and lighthouse.

Scheduling & Appointments

We are appointment only.
Walk-ins only happen because of a cancellation.

How to Make an Appointment

  • Appointments for tattoos require a non-refundable deposit. Tattoo Deposits are $50 for everything under $200, and $100 for everything over $200.
  • The deposit can be paid by cash, venmo, cashapp, or paypal.
  • Ongoing appointments, i.e. a sleeve project or a back-piece, will have the initial deposit deducted at the last appointment of the tattoo process.
  • The design process may not be finished until the day of the tattoo. If you want your design to be made well in advance of your tattoo please communicate this to the artist, and be prepared to pay a higher art deposit. 
  • Cover up tattoos require an in-person consultation.
  • All other consultations can take place through DM, email, or in person.
  • Consultations are taken as seriously as tattoo appointments. When you do not show up you are taking time away from another client.
  • NC state law restricts tattooing to people 18 years of age or older.
  • Our current shop minimum is $80.00

Rescheduling an Appointment.

To reschedule an appointment you must contact your artist at least ONE DAY in advance to retain your deposit.

If you do not contact us in advance you will loose your deposit.

You can only reschedule your appointment one time. If you have to reschedule again you will loose your deposit. 

Please do not make a deposit for an appointment if you are unsure about getting tattooed.

No call, no shows will lose their deposit and be denied a future appointment.

Tomato plant with poison ivy; ufo picking up a cow, and mushroom gnome black and grey tattoos.
Keith Haring style leg sleeve, and mushroom man thinker black and grey, bng tattoo.
Tyrannosaurus rex, t rex, dancing skeletons, and chest tattoo, blackwork.

How to Prepare for Your Tattoo

Please arrive sober. Avoid drinking alcohol, and taking mood altering drugs not prescribed by a doctor. Drinking alcohol can cause the ink to bleed out. If you are high, or drunk it makes you unaware of your body. If you are unaware of your body you move too much during the tattoo process. I need you aware of your body, and what you are doing. 

Eat, drink, and get good sleep. You have to eat food before you arrive at the studio. People who do not eat often pass out. You will be excited before you arrive, when the tattoo starts the adrenaline hits, then you could experience a sugar drop, which causes you to pass out.

Prepare mentally, and emotionally. If this is your first tattoo you can’t know how painful it will be. Certain areas of the body are more painful, and all of us experience pain differently. Whether you have many tattoos, or none, do self care to put your mind in the right place.

Fineline rose, and daisy friendship tattoos. Pine tree cover up tattoo.
rose yin yang anime flower elk koi tattoo

How to Choose a Tattoo

While the internet is a great resource of tattoo trends, some trends will result in poor tattoos over time. Talk to your artist about appropriate sizing, and placement. We are here to share our expertise.

Search for artwork and photographs to find good reference material for your tattoo ideas. Images of tattoos on sites like Pinterest yield blurry copies that are inappropriate for tattoos. Use key words like “tattoo flash,”  “photograph,” or “painting” to find images of the artwork you need for a tattoo.

Tattoo artists prefer to make changes to tattoos rather than copying another artists tattoo. Simple line tattoos, and memorials work best if you allow the tattoo artist to work up a good design from scratch.

The body is a dynamic curved surface. Straight lines work best on specific body parts. The best tattoos for most body parts are all curves, and have – few if any – straight lines anywhere.

Etching style Skull tattoos, raven, crow. and thestral.
Henna, mandala, sacred geometry, tattoo fix, wrist tattoo
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About the Artist

Dale Bogucki 

Dale has been professionally tattooing for five years. He opened Asheville Craft Tattoo shortly after completing his apprenticeship with Tish Hoxit in Etowah, NC. The styles he offers are; color, black and grey, blackwork, abstract, illustrative, ornamental, anime, nature, dotwork, neo-traditional, neo-tribal, ignorant style, and fineline tattoos. He is also well known for doing expert coverups. 

He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Explorations in art have produced projects across the spectrum of 2D, 3D, and 4D media. He views tattooing as the perfected integration of all the dimensions of art.

Dale’s life is wide ranging. He spent his early years in Elkhart, Indiana. During high school he came out to himself as queer, then while in Chicago attending SAIC he transitioned from F to M. 

Because of his feminist studies, his Yogic studies, and entering the stream of Buddhism he is decidedly; anti-racist, decolonialist, trans positive, and works tirelessly to cultivate love and patience. He is an avid bird watcher, weather fanatic, lover of animals, gardener, and would be delighted to see all automobiles returned to manual transmissions.

Email Luke –

Mountains tatattoo with a bear, and mountain tattoo with sun rise.


Location & Contact Info

Neo traditional, color rhodedendron, and trident with tentacles and waves tattoo.
Big bird, full color, severed head tattoo, healed, and fresh.

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